haus COUDEYRE was founded in 2010 by Marc-Philippe Coudeyre and Jan Verheyen. it is a label whose creative positioning marks it out as 100% Belgian.

haus COUDEYRE brings you timeless clothes that are relaxed, natural, and easy to use. the aesthetic of graceful,effortless lines lets the beauty and quality of the material speak for itself. the high-quality production is carried out in Belgium, France and Italy.

With the development of colorful and confident motifs and stories woven through their mood boards, the haus COUDEYRE collections bring delight and pleasure to their clients. The cheerful and uplifting palette, the ingenious use of surprising and original materials, the subtle integration of elements born out of the designers’ effervescent imagination, and the delicate use of natural materials, is all indicative of haus COUDEYRE developing as a high quality brand of fashion.

There is a meticulous dedication to precision in their work, a pleasure in the choice of luxurious fabrics, and an enjoyment of embroidery and colorful prints. The creations revel in their jubilant and ludic celebration of life. With its prints and its stories told through exquisite embroideries, the brand takes the wearer of its clothes on a journey, breathing life into fantastical and inspirational worlds of images, colors and motifs. Even as the themes change every season, the identity of haus COUDEYRE consistently adheres to a simple sophistication.

haus COUDEYRE marries the feminine and the androgynous, reveling in a paradoxical contrast of colors and speaking primarily to the modern woman who dresses for herself above all else. Sensitive, strong-willed Amazons who have no need for ostentation in the personal expression of their style. The haus COUDEYRE woman is proud and multi-talented. She nurtures her allure and appreciates the effortless femininity that haus COUDEYRE offers her. Every season the brand re-imagines its collections using a functional cut and presenting a multiplicity of possible styles for the modern woman who combines the demands of a busy daily routine with the innate ability to enjoy life.